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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your meat free of GMOs?
Yes, it is!

Do you raise your own animals?
Yes, we do! All of our meats come from animals we have raised ourselves here on our farm.

Can we tour your farm?
We would love to spend time visiting with folks and talking about what we do here on the farm, but life on a farm leaves us little time for that!  There is also the issue of safety.  We are not able to ensure the safety of visitors while they are being conducted through our facilities. Certain conditions common to an operating farm exist, including uneven ground surfaces, unpaved areas, moving equipment, presence of wildlife or livestock, or other potentially hazardous conditions. Orders can be picked up on-farm on Sunday afternoons and Thursday afternoons (pre-order in advance through our website), and we encourage you to view the many hundreds of photos on our Facebook page and the videos on our YouTube channel.

Is your milk organic?
Our dairy cows feed primarily upon our certified organic pastures. During their heaviest lactation, when they are brought into the barn for milking, they are given a grain mixture which is chemical-free and non-GMO. This grain constitutes a maximum of 2% of their diet but is enough to supply the additional carbohydrates they require to maintain their body condition while lactating. They also lick up certified organic kelp powder and sea salt.

Is your milk tested?
We test every batch of milk and monitor bacterial activity. Additionally, we submit a sample of our milk quarterly to the University of Tennessee laboratory for testing. All test results have been excellent. Our cows have also been certified free of disease.

Where can I find milk on your website?
Our milk can be purchased in two different ways: by the jug and through CSA shares. By the jug, it is listed under Products > Pet Food & Supplies > Dairy Pet Aids. As a CSA share, it is under Products > Pet Food & Supplies > Pet Milk CSA.

Do you sell butter or cream?
We hope to soon! At the moment, we do not separate any of the cream out of our milk. If you need cream before we have it available, you may purchase our whole milk and skim the cream yourself. You can even make it into butter if you want!

What is a CSA?
It is important to understand what Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is before deciding to purchase a share in a CSA.  A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes, in spirit, the community's farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.  CSA's focus is on a system of regular delivery or pick-up of farm products.  CSA is different from buying clubs and home delivery services, where the consumer buys a specific product at a predetermined price.  CSA shareholders purchase only what the farm is able to successfully grow and harvest.  In essence CSA shareholders share in the abundance as well as some of the risks with the farmer.  Risks may include temporary shortages, seasonal changes in flavor, and other conditions that can occur in natural systems.

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